Pleasant  Country  Lifestyle

So why did we choose a country style for Pleasant Valley?  It's simple.  Country style is warm and welcoming.  It draws on our heritage and a sense of connection with those who came before us.  In this view, a home is never "done" as we always find room for one more memory evoking piece.  Pleasant Valley continues to evolve over time by matching a wide variety of styles, objects and ideas that each new Elder and their loved-ones bring to our home.  Pleasant Valley is a well developed country home and speaks of years of acquiring and preserving memories, treasured furniture, and beloved pieces of art.  Through this eclectic mix of treasures left behind from those before, a feeling of warmth evolves inside Pleasant Valley.

Open Kitchen

The kitchen has and always will be the heart of Pleasant Valley.  As the busiest room in our home, the kitchen area serves many needs.  It is the place where meals are prepared with love, conversations take place, and memories are made.  It is the area that most clearly says "home".  Our open kitchen design lends itself well to all the food traditions of our heritage.  Elders can observe familiar sights and sounds as caregivers prepare meals right before their eyes.  Since the kitchen is in the center of our home, all the wonderful home cooked smells of cornbread, casseroles or a cobbler baking in the oven can easily radiate through Pleasant Valley.

Gardening For Life

Pleasant Valley has created an outdoor area devoted to vegetable gardening.  Vegetable gardening is a part of several of our Elders heritage that we are assisting them in retaining.

Several of our Elders enjoyed gardening in their youth, however, as their bodies become more frail with age, many had resigned to believe gardening was "a thing of the past".  Unable to complete the many gardening tasks such as plowing, hoeing, weeding, harvesting, and even cooking the fruits of their labor, gardening became only a fond memory.

The primary purpose of the raised gardens is to provide the frail elderly a means to continue a rewarding hobby that is less physically demanding than a traditional garden.  Seated Raised Beds have been created to allow physically challenged elders to sit comfortably, while doing their favorite outdoor activity.  Focusing attention on small, easily managed areas provides a feeling of accomplishment. 

Providing a Country Lifestyle with Assistance


Pleasant Valley